Shipping and Delivery | FAQ (2024)

General Shipping Details

"I think my shipment might have been delayed due to COVID", "Where is my TOM Surface mail shipment?", and other questions

If you feel like your shipment has been affected by shipping delays, you might find one of the following FAQs useful. Available Shipping Methods From Our Japan Warehouse During COVID-19My shipment ...

Where will my items ship from?

You can see where your items will ship from on the Shopping Cart page. Items from our warehouse in Japan will be listed under the label "Shipping from Japan." Items from our North American w...

Do you provide tracking information?

Yes, you will receive an email once your order ships that contains tracking information. You can also find this tracking information on your Orders page.If you chose TOM Surface Mail as your shipping...

How are shipping prices calculated?

The shipping cost varies per product and selected shipping method. By adding products to your cart and accessing the Shopping Cart page, you can instantly view the shipping charge prior to completing ...

How does Discount Shipping work on the TOM Shop?

If the subtotal of an order is at least $150.00 after any discounts or coupons are applied, each shipment in your order may be eligible for Discount Shipping. For an individual shipment to be eligible...

Once I have placed my order, how long does it take for it to be shipped?

Products that are currently in-stock from our Japan warehouse will ship within 7-10 business days. Products that are in-stock at our US warehouse will usually ship within 2-4 business days. Pre-order...

Will my entire order ship together in one shipment?

It is likely that your order will ship in multiple shipments, because we ship products of an order as they become available. For example, an order containing a pre-order product, a special order item,...

My order contains pre-order products releasing in different months. Will they ship separately? Will I be charged for additional shipping?

Yes, pre-order products will ship separately to you as they release. However, you will not be charged additional shipping costs. All shipping costs will be included in the original Grand Total of your...

Can you hold my order and ship it at a later date?

We cannot hold packages for shipment at a later date. If you foresee any potential delivery problems, we recommend contacting your local post office. By sharing your package’s tracking number with the...

How do I know when my pre-order product will ship?

We are often only told the expected month a pre-order product will release. This information is written on the product's page. Please note that most figures tend to arrive near the end of their sc...

My package shipped, but my address has changed! What should I do?

We are unable to reroute packages that have already shipped. Please contact your local post office right away to request for the package to be rerouted. If they are unable to reroute your package and ...

Can you declare my order as a gift or lower the declared value?

We greatly appreciate you choosing to purchase from the TOM Shop and would like to help you receive your purchases with ease, but we must follow the rules regarding retail companies sending internatio...

Can you send me my package as an individual and not a company?

As previously stated, we greatly appreciate you choosing to purchase from the TOM Shop and would like to help you receive your purchases with ease, but we must follow the rules regarding retail compan...

Do you ship within Japan?

Yes. However, some products are not permitted to ship within Japan.If we are unable to ship a product you ordered within Japan, we will contact you.

How do I change my shipping address for an order that has not shipped yet?

To change your shipping address, please visit Your Orders page and press the “Change Shipping Address” button on the left side of the page. This will enable you to input new address information. The b...

Can I change the shipping method for an order that has not yet shipped?

No, the shipping method cannot be changed after an order has been placed. If your order contains in-stock products and you would like to choose a different shipping method, you may be able to cancel y...

Can I request for shipments to be combined?

It is not possible to combine separate shipments at this time.

My order is a gift. Can you make the packaging more discreet, leave out the invoice, or remove price tags?

Due to the requirements of international shipping, the value of the item must be included in Japanese yen on the outside of the package. We must also include a packing invoice in every shipment. Altho...

Can you ship to US military (APO or FPO) addresses?

Any product that can be shipped to the United States can also be sent to a US military address. To ensure that your package is shipped as quickly and smoothly as possible, please follow the instructio...

What should I do if my package is being returned to TOM by my postal service?

Unfortunately, as a general rule, we are unable to reship your package if it is returned to our warehouse. Once your package reaches us, we will process a refund for your shipment. You will be refunde...

What do I do if my item was delivered to the wrong address?

It is the responsibility of the customer to keep their item addresses updated and to check their order confirmation email to make sure their item is going to the correct address after ordering. You a...

One of the items in my shipment is delayed! Can you split my shipment so that some of my other items can ship sooner?

Due to the complications that would be involved with needing to charge you extra shipping costs (and/or cover them ourselves) post-purchase, as a general rule, we cannot offer to split a shipment for ...

Why do I need my CPF number for shipments to Brazil?

A CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas ) number is checked by customs when your shipment enters the country, and shipments lacking this information may be returned to us by your customs office. To ensure ...

Shipping Methods

My shipment says "shipping method unavailable". What does this mean?

Due to Japan Post reducing the number of available shipping methods during COVID-19, some shipping methods are unavailable to certain countries. If we cannot ship your items to you with the currently ...

My shipment only says "Shipped" but doesn't have a tracking number. Has it shipped?

Shipments using our TOM Surface Mail method (previously referred to as bulk shipping) will have a period after they have shipped, but won't immediately show a tracking number. This is normal!You w...

"I missed my shipping survey! What now?" and other questions about our shipping method surveys

During COVID-19, we will be sending out shipping surveys to attempt to ship your orders with alternative methods if the one you have selected is unavailable.For in-stock items at our Japan warehouse ...

What is TOM Surface Mail?

As a somewhat faster and far more secure alternative to ordinary individual seamail, we send select packages from Japan to the US via a combination of safe, high-quality, private bulk sea freight + re...

How do you ship packages?

Packages from our warehouse in Japan can be shipped by EMS, Air SPR, Surface Parcel, TOM Surface Mail, or FedEx. Depending on your region and the size and shape of the items in your order, you may not...

How long does shipping take?

Shipping times vary by location and shipping method. Please refer to the table below for more detailed information.Please note that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause delays, particularly from o...

Regarding Shipping Prices to Canada

Canada shipment fees can be calculated differently depending on which warehouse they are coming from. Japan WarehouseFor shipments from the Japan warehouse, they are no different than any other shipm...

Available Shipping Methods From Our Japan Warehouse During COVID-19

The current global pandemic has resulted in a number of service disruptions for the shipping methods used from our Japan warehouse. This page serves as an easy way to see which shipping methods are st...

Shipping and Delivery | FAQ (2024)


What is the difference between shipping and delivery at Walmart? ›

Shipping dates usually refer to when an item leaves the warehouse while the delivery date specifies when it should reach the customer.

What is the difference between delivery and shipping? ›

When we say an item has been shipped, we typically mean that the item has left the warehouse. On the other hand, when we talk about delivery, we refer to the date when the package will arrive at the doorstep of the end customer.

What's the difference between shipping and delivery at Sam's Club? ›

To put it as simply as possible: shipping is the date the product will leave the supplier's warehouse while delivery is the date the package will make it to the customer's doorstep. The terms are often confusing for customers; however, you can avoid this by providing two dates: the shipping date and delivery date.

What is the difference between shipping and delivery charges? ›

Shipping describes a package leaving your warehouse and making its way to the customer. Delivery, on the other hand, describes the actual date a package is dropped off at the customer's address.

Why does Walmart deliver from store instead of ship? ›

We've created a program that routes some orders to be fulfilled straight from our stores. We'll use our existing local delivery capabilities to get orders to customers faster, while reducing the load on our online fulfilment centers.

How long does it take between shipping and delivery? ›

For express or priority shipping, delivery time typically ranges from one to three days. For standard shipping, delivery time can range between two and eight days. And you'll have to pay more for express shipping. Another factor that can determine the shipping process length is how your package is transported.

What is shipping vs delivery date? ›

The shipping date marks when the order will be shipped out to the customer. The delivery date is when the shipped order will be delivered to the customer.

Does shipping mean delivery? ›

No. Shipped is not the same as delivered. When a package is designated as “shipped” the package has been loaded on a truck and departed for the final distribution center. That means the package could be anywhere between the origin location and the destination terminal.

Do you tip for Sam's delivery? ›

Do I need to tip my delivery driver? Tipping your delivery driver is optional. You'll have the option to tip in the checkout process. Delivery drivers receive 100% of their tips.

What carrier does Sam's Club use for shipping? ›

General Information. Sam's Club Hub offers FedEx Ground Shipping to all 50 states. Your order may arrive in multiple shipments. If your order is sent in more than one package, your credit card will be charged only once.

Why is ship from store cheaper? ›

This means shipments are made closer to the customer, so there is less lead time required and potentially less transportation cost associated when filling orders. This strategy essentially increases the footprint of the company's warehouse by using storefronts as mini distribution centers.

How do I avoid delivery fees? ›

Order direct

This is probably the best way to save money on delivery fees and a great way to support your local places. By ordering from them, you can avoid the delivery middleman and go directly to the source for your favorite food. That means lower delivery fees and more money in your pocket.

What is delivery charges in shipping? ›

Most Indian courier companies charge between Rs. 30 to Rs. 90 per 500 grams for shipping in India.

Why are delivery fees different? ›

The delivery fee can fluctuate based on demand, your location, how many delivery drivers are available, and other factors. The delivery fee is one that goes toward delivery drivers' earnings, at least in part, an Uber spokesperson confirmed.

How much is Walmart shipping? ›

Walmart Delivery Options
🚚 Shipping Method💰 Shipping Cost
Delivery from storeFREE for Walmart+ members $7.95 or $9.95 for non-members
Express delivery$10 Express fee on top of delivery fees
Shipping (via UPS or FedEx)FREE for Walmart+ members FREE for orders over $35 $5.99 for orders under $35
2 more rows
Feb 21, 2023

Does Walmart include shipping? ›

*Excludes most Marketplace items, freight & location surcharges. Savings based on 2 orders under $35 per week vs. non-member $6.99 fee.

What kind of shipping does Walmart do? ›

Walmart Delivery At Home

The store mainly uses FedEx and USPS for home deliveries. It also uses third-party couriers, including Roadie, Postmates, AxleHire, Point Pickup, SkipCart, and DoorDash. The retailer uses these couriers to cover shipping routes and areas not covered by FedEx or USPS.


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